When the world’s weirdest memes are finally here

The Next World, one of the biggest social news aggregators in the world, has unveiled its first ever wallpaper, an homage to the likes of David Bowie, David Bowie and David Bowie himself.

The wallpaper is designed by art director Matt Smith and features a collection of memes, images, and GIFs inspired by the singer’s work.

It also features a wall featuring Bowie’s image, with a caption reading “The World’s Weirdest Memes” and a caption that reads “I have a few weird memes too”.

The wallpaper also features two different styles of music playing simultaneously in the background, with one of them featuring Bowie singing, “The world is going to end tomorrow”.

Smith said that the idea for the wallpaper came to him when he was browsing through Instagram and noticed the many memes that were being shared.

“I decided to make my own wallpaper, just based on what I saw on Instagram,” he said.

“It’s just a collection that has a bunch of weird memes and I just thought it was a great idea to use it as inspiration for a wall.”

We have a ton of amazing memes, and I wanted to take a few of them and make something that was really weird and weird, but also fun.

I think it’s one of my favorite things to do.

“The World is going on”The Wallpaper features a selection of memes that feature the singer in a number of genres including pop, EDM, hip hop, and more.

Smith said the concept behind the wallpaper was to create something that would be very much in keeping with the music that Bowie has been so successful with.

“It’s not just a random selection of music, but a lot of different types of music and it’s very, very weird,” he explained.

“There’s the Bowie meme, the Bowie wall, the wall of memes.

It’s really a celebration of a lot, a lot and a lot.”

It’s also a wall that features Bowie in the same mood that he was in at the time.

“My feeling is that Bowie is a bit of a weirdo,” he continued.

“He’s a weird man.

I’m not sure how to put it, but he’s a bit eccentric.

I wanted him to have this wall, and that’s how it came to be.”

Bowie was always such a weird character, and it makes you think.

It makes you feel something and it feels like a little piece of the puzzle.

“When he’s doing something he’s not always feeling that way.”

The Wallpapers was designed by Matt Smith, art director for The NextWorld.

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