When the season’s not over: Summer is coming to an end, and winter is already here

The sun is shining in the sky again.

But with temperatures still below freezing, the season is officially over.

It is time for the summer to end.

Winter, meanwhile, is starting to feel more like spring.

With the cold temperatures finally coming to a close, we are getting closer to the start of the season.

But this time, the sun will be shining, which means you will be able to see the beautiful snowcapped mountains from your window or your balcony.

The weather is turning into the best it has been in years for outdoor activities.

The last few days were one of the warmest on record, with the mercury hovering at an average of 17 degrees below zero.

But the cold air has been mostly removed from the region and the temperatures have stayed near normal.

The average temperature was in the teens for the week, which is not unusual.

But it’s a sign that the weather will be coming down to earth over the coming months.

The cold air is finally gone, and the heat is finally coming off the continent.

But in the past few weeks, the region has warmed up slightly.

This has been the case in recent months, but the recent heat wave in California was not so dramatic as to be a direct result of the cold weather.

The heat wave was sparked by an El Niño event that has brought snow to the region.

This event is a phenomenon that occurs when tropical systems warm up in the Pacific Ocean and the jet stream pulls moisture from the atmosphere.

This moisture then condenses on land and cools off.

This is known as a “polar vortex,” and as the air warms, the air expands, creating a vortex that pushes moisture and air into the Pacific and then into the Atlantic.

The air then expands again and creates a jet stream, which drives warm and humid air towards the coast.

When this happens, the cold water in the atmosphere will mix with the hot water that is being drawn up from the Pacific, forming a layer of water that can trap moisture in the Arctic.

This layer of moisture in this layer can be a problem when it comes to the warm air coming into the country.

This is where the “pipeline effect” comes in.

As the air is flowing up from warmer regions into cooler regions, the warmer air is moving away from the cooler air, creating an opposite flow.

As a result, the cooler and drier air in the upper atmosphere mixes with the cooler, drier and warmer air in lower atmosphere, creating the conditions for the jet wave to form.

This creates a strong jet stream and strong jet wave, which can create strong winds.

The warm air from the Gulf of Mexico can also bring the jet back to the west, creating another strong jet.

In addition to this, the jet can also form over a broad area and can also travel across oceans and land masses.

These changes can lead to extreme weather and can lead directly to more extreme weather events.

So, this is what it takes to get to a winter in Washington, D.C.

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