How to Get The World’s Most Expensive Photo Album on the Galaxy S8: $4,999

Now Playing: Galaxy S7: Galaxy Note 8: Galaxy 7, Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy A5, Galaxy R7 Plus, Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Note 5X review Now Playing “We are so glad you have such a sweetheart.

You will never go anywhere without us.”

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Samsung Gear 6S owner gets an Apple Watch Now Playing When Samsung’s CEO was asked about his future plans, he replied: “We’ll see.”

Now Playing Amazon has finally made it available to the public Now Playing Apple’s new headset promises to offer a “perfectly immersive experience” Now Playing Uber’s self-driving car won’t have your ride data, so you can still use your phone Now Playing Microsoft has finally put the lid on Windows 10 Mobile updates Now Playing TechCrunch is on the ground in India to help you get to work Now Playing A new app lets you keep tabs on what’s trending on Twitter Now Playing Facebook says it will launch a paid version of its social network Now Playing Meetings are happening at least once a week in the US Now Playing Is Apple’s Qwikster better than Google Docs?

Now Playing This is what you need to know about a controversial new app to keep track of your family’s travel Now Playing Nike has a new Air Max 1 sneaker Now Playing Google has revealed a new way to use Google Assistant: Ask questions!

Now Playing Tesla says it is working on a new battery for its electric car Now Playing Disney has officially confirmed it is releasing a movie about a character called “Dora the Explorer.”

Now Listening to Apple Music’s “Tiny,” we get a sense of how big of a deal this is Now Playing Sony is planning to release a smartphone with a new speaker Now Playing Nintendo is bringing back Mario and Luigi as playable characters in new games Now Playing Who is the world’s most expensive car?

Now Watch Disney unveils a new Mario-themed movie Now Playing We have the scoop on the best new music albums of 2017, and we’ll be posting the Top 10 picks for the rest of the year!

Now WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Star Peter Mayhew says his character can fly Now Playing You can buy a $1,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 on Amazon Now Playing Does the price of a smartphone matter?

Now WATCH The hottest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6s Plus are here Now WATCH Samsung will release a phone with the world ‘Star Lord’ Now Playing WATCH: What you need for the Samsung Galaxy J8 Plus Now Playing New ‘Star Trek’ episode lands in theaters Now Playing Trump says the United States will ‘fight’ against North Korea Now Playing Where to buy the Samsung Gear 5X Now Playing All eyes are on Amazon’s $1.7 billion deal with Google Now Playing Netflix has announced a deal to give its video service its first paid subscription service Now Playing NASA is developing a spacecraft for Mars Now Playing Are the next Apple iPhones coming with the same high-end components found in the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S series?

Now Watching A new version of Samsung’s Galaxy S line is coming soon Now Playing SpaceX’s SpaceX Dragon spacecraft successfully launches into orbit with a record-breaking 1.5 metric ton payload Now Playing China’s State Grid announced it will offer internet service for 100 percent of the country’s population Now Playing Will Google finally bring Google Assistant to Android phones?

Now A video game designer and a woman who works at a medical center have been working together to create a ‘world first’ VR game Now Playing Elon Musk has finally revealed the latest details about the SpaceX Dragon capsule that blasted off from Florida on Saturday Now Playing Airbnb is working to offer free WiFi in hotels Now Playing If you want to see the Galaxy X, you’ll need a Galaxy S 8 Now Playing Donald Trump says he wants a ‘great’ health care bill Now Playing Ivanka Trump says she’s considering the Ivanka Trump brand Now Playing It’s finally time to get a Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge Now Playing And now it’s time to check out the best free online video streaming services Now Playing Justin Bieber’s wife, 21-year-old Amber, was charged with child endangerment Now Playing Former US President Barack Obama will speak at a memorial service for the late President John

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