How to buy a house in Las Vegas, and the best way to pay off a mortgage

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a flight from Denver to Las Vegas and noticed that the gate was open.

That’s because a new house was going to open on my property.

The reason is that the property owners, who I will call Vlone, and Vlona, a woman who asked to remain anonymous, are getting ready to pay a mortgage.

The Vlones are paying about $300,000 a year in mortgage interest.

The mortgage interest is the main reason why they’re getting ready.

The property is about 20 acres, but it’s worth more than that.

That means the Vlons are paying more than the average owner in the U.S. and in some cases, as much as $150,000 per year.

“It’s a pretty significant amount of money, and it’s probably going to be a little difficult for us to pay it back,” Vlonia said.

Vlona and Vlonas son, Caleb, live in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Henderson, Nev.

It’s in a town where the median home price is $2.2 million.

They bought it about a year ago.

“We are pretty comfortable, and we’ve been able to keep our kids out of it and have a little bit of security,” Vlona said.

“The house is pretty nice,” she added.

“We just need a little more space, because we have a lot of people in the neighborhood.”

The Vlos say they bought the house for about $200,000 in 1997.

They said it was going for about a $150 million price tag at the time.

But as the housing market has crashed, so has the price.

The house has been listed on the MLS and Sotheby’s, but is now listed for $2 million and up.

They’re hoping to buy it in the next few months and then rent it out to people.

They said the money would go toward paying down debt.

They are also looking to rent the house out.

“When you look at what we’ve saved so far, we haven’t even started,” Vlas said.

“And I don’t think we’re going to have to pay the interest yet.”

And they’re hoping that when they do, people will come out and rent it to them.

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