How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone 8 Case

The latest generation of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have a few new features and a couple of familiar ones that we’re going to be looking at today.

We’re also going to dive into the various new accessories that Apple has introduced, and hopefully offer you a few tips to help you pick one up.

First up, the iPhone 8.

Apple’s biggest flagship smartphone, the 8 Plus comes with the same 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p display as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, and it sports a new aluminum frame with Gorilla Glass 3 and an all-metal design.

There’s also a new fingerprint scanner that is a bit more robust and accurate than before.

The rear of the phone features an 8-megapixel camera and a 5.7-inch Super Retina HD display with a Quad HD resolution.

The front of the device is a 5-inch full HD display, and while the screen size is the same, it sports slightly larger pixels.

The back of the iPhone X features a larger display with an 8.5:10 aspect ratio and a higher pixel density.

It also sports a metal frame, with Gorillaz-designed glass panels that are a bit thinner than the aluminum frame.

The screen is an 8MP shooter, and Apple has included an OLED Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the back of this model.

The back of Apple’s new iPhone 8 is also now made out of a magnesium alloy.

The top of the screen features a curved glass back and an 8:10-inch display.

The iPhone X also features a 3D Touch Home button, which is a slight improvement over the original iPhone 8, and an iris scanner.

Both the front and rear of this iPhone X come with Apple Pay.

The display on the iPhone has a resolution of 1920×1080, and the screen is the highest resolution in the iPhone lineup.

You can also use this phone as a portable MP3 player.

There are also wireless charging options available on the device.

The new iPhone X comes with a 5,000mAh battery, and that’s just the battery that’s supposed to last through the entire day.

You’ll also get a 4G LTE network.

The camera is also up to date with a 10-megapixels sensor and a new 5-axis image stabilization system.

The camera on the phone is also slightly larger, with an aperture of f/2.8, and a digital zoom lens that is larger than the original camera lens.

There is a 2x optical zoom lens on the rear.

There also is an irid sensor on the front of this phone.

The iPhone X has an irion camera.

The headphone jack has also been upgraded, with a new USB-C port.

There were also some improvements to the camera and microphone, including a faster shutter speed and more accurate noise reduction.

The bottom of the earpiece is now made of magnesium alloy, and there’s an integrated speaker grill.

The earpiece on the new iPhone models is now completely plastic, but there’s still a plastic lens in the center that can be removed to expose the speaker grill, and you can use the back and sides of the speaker for additional audio.

The screen is a 1080p AMOLED panel with a Gorilla glass panel, which means the screen has a much better color reproduction than its predecessor.

The OLED screen is also brighter than before, with brighter colors than before and a wider color gamut than before for the same resolution.

Apple also made a number of improvements to how the display is rendered in software.

The company added a new “color calibration” function that lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of each individual pixel in a display to better match a particular application.

The “contrast” feature also lets you increase the contrast of the image to make it more accurate to what you’re looking at.

The OLED screen on the newly released iPhone 8 also includes a fingerprint scanner.

The fingerprint scanner is much more accurate than its previous version, and has an even more robust design.

You also get an infrared-detecting camera.

There will also be a special version of the new phone that comes with an irision-detection camera, and this will also include a fingerprint reader.

There isn’t much new to report on this model, but we’re looking forward to using it in the coming weeks.

The phone is a tad thicker at 6.9mm, which will be good for those who want to carry the device in their pockets, but the phone does not feature an NFC slot.

The phone does come with a microSD card slot, but it does not come with an expansion slot.

We’re also expecting a new wireless charging port on the Apple device, which can be found on the original iPhones, and we expect it to be larger than that on the upcoming iPhone X. The USB-c port is still located on the

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