Inside Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Recode is proud to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at The Last Episode, the blockbuster opening in Star Wars’ franchise that will debut March 25th.

The episode is set in the fictional universe of Naboo, which is one of the many worlds explored in the Star Wars saga.

We caught up with producer Ron Moore, and we had the opportunity to speak with Moore about what to expect in this exciting installment.

We started off with an episode called “The First Order.”

It’s a flashback that shows us that, yeah, there are two big things that happened to the First Order.

First of all, there was the Battle of Yavin where the First Fleet came down on the planet, and there was a lot of death and destruction.

But also, we were able to get a glimpse into what happened when First Order forces were fighting against the Republic.

And what that revealed is a lot about what’s going on in the world in terms of the Republic and the First Empire.

So that was really fun to go back and see what happened in the last year of the First Republic.

That’s been a big, big plot point in the series.

What was interesting to me, and what I think you can really get behind, is that we see that the First One’s been destroyed, but they have their own ways of keeping the peace.

The First Order has been destroyed by the Republic, but their military power is still strong.

So it’s a war of attrition.

What we see here is that the Republic has really done its job and that they’re starting to get into this territory of a military occupation of the galaxy, and they have a plan to reclaim their planet.

They have the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, and a few other ships that are in orbit.

And they’ve got a plan for what they’re going to do.

And that plan is pretty much the same plan they used to take over the galaxy in the first place, which was just get the galaxy back under their control and take it over.

So it’s not a totally new idea that the Empire was trying to get back in control of the entire galaxy.

It’s still in that space.

And we know that there’s some of that going on, but what we don’t know is what it will lead to.

What’s going to happen to the other planets?

Will there be another war?

We don’t have a clear answer at this point.

What’s really exciting is that when we were talking about the First Battle, and the first thing that popped into my head was that it was kind of the beginning of a new story.

This is not an entirely new story, but this is the beginning.

This really is the First First Battle.

The Battle of the Endor system.

And it’s the first time that the Imperials have taken control of this system.

This was the first battle, and it’s going down, and this is going to be the last.

So, it’s just kind of a continuation of that.

It really is that big battle in the beginning where the first two Star Destroyers are going to take the fight to the Empire.

This will be the first opportunity for the Republic to really get into it.

And so the Republic is getting their first glimpse into this new world that they’ve been occupying.

And the First Star Destroyer is going out of control.

It has a lot more power than they’ve ever had.

The engines are completely out of order, and that’s kind of how they’ve lost their foothold.

It just looks like it’s time to go.

And then, they start seeing some things.

I think the best way to describe it is that this is a new kind of fighting.

It is a battle of attrition, but it’s really the First Attack, and you don’t really see any real action until the next battle.

And as the battle goes on, they’re seeing things, and things get worse and worse.

And you start seeing the First Fighters, the First Executives, and then the First Officers come into play, and these are the First Forces that were created.

They were created to fight the First Enemy.

The people who created them are the ones that are the real threat.

They’ve got the First Resistance and they’ve already been defeated by the First Troopers.

They’re now the First Force.

And their ultimate goal is to get to the core of the Empire and take back the galaxy.

So what’s the goal of these First Forces?

Well, they really want to take back what they’ve built.

And I think we’ll see that they will.

They are not the only ones that have created these First Fighters.

We’ll see a lot from the First Knights.

The Knights have been created by the Emperor.

They’ll be the most important fighters to come out of the battle.

We will see a whole lot of them.

And at the end of the first episode, we’ll also see the Last Knights.

And, we saw

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