When the iPhone 5s crashes, Apple is making sure it has a backup plan

Apple’s software engineering team is trying to figure out what happens when an iPhone fails, but the company is still struggling to make a backup system that can restore a broken screen or other hardware problems.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the company’s engineering team has a plan, but he doesn’t have a concrete timeline.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep the iPhone in working order,” Cook said in an interview on “The Steve Jobs Podcast.”

“We’re making a lot of progress on that.

But we’ve got to keep our eye on the ball and keep working hard.”

Apple has been working on hardware fixes since September.

But after the iPhone 6 was released, Apple introduced a feature called “Hardware Backup,” which allows the company to restore lost data.

The feature is not meant to restore data lost on a failed backup, but instead to help the company keep the phone up to date on any hardware failures.

“Hardware Backup is just an important tool that we use in conjunction with the iPhone software,” said Rob Enderle, an analyst at Moor Insights & Analytics.

“We have hardware backups to restore when the device crashes or if we get a device that is a bit older than the one that we’re trying to restore.

We’re using the hardware backups as a sort of backup to make sure that our software isn’t messed up and to make our software more robust.”

Apple is not making hardware backups with every model of iPhone that has been released.

“Hardware Backups aren’t the same thing as an iCloud backup,” Enderle said.

Apple has not yet disclosed what hardware backups it is doing with every iPhone, but it has said that it plans to do them with all the new iPhones.

Apple has also announced that it will be launching a special program for customers that are unable to restore their phone using the Hardware Backup feature.

Apple will be providing software updates and support for iPhone users with hardware problems that require a software fix.

The company will be able to offer “free upgrades” to existing iPhone owners, which includes the ability to restore damaged or lost data from iPhone 6 models up to five years old, as well as to restore a cracked screen or any other hardware problem, including battery problems or a broken camera.

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