When the fire alarm goes off in the middle of a fire, it’s time to get out of bed

Posted June 09, 2019 09:24:13When the fire alarms go off in a fire and there’s no smoke, you’re going to be worried.

But you might be surprised to know the alarm can go off when there’s a lot of smoke.

What you need to know about fire alarm systemsFire alarm systems can go wrong at any time.

The National Fire Authority says it can go haywire when the alarm is not triggered when there is smoke or other flammable materials in the area.

The authority has issued a fire safety instruction which advises that:If you’re using a smoke alarm system and the alarm goes out while the fire is burning, the fire should be extinguished.

If there’s smoke or debris in the way, the alarm should be deactivated.

The advice comes in response to a report from a researcher at the University of Sydney who analysed a large fire in Sydney’s south-east, where the alarm went off when it should have gone off before the fire started.

It is a warning about fire safety that was released in the NSW Government’s fire safety bulletin, which advises:If there is a fire alarm that goes off but no smoke or any other flamable material is visible, deactivate the alarm.

If you can’t see the smoke or flammables, the smoke detector should be on.

When the alarm does go off and there is no smoke but there’s flammability, deactivating the alarm and activating the smoke alarm is advised.

A fire alarm system is supposed to stay in operation until it’s deactivated, and it’s recommended that the system should only be deactivate when there are no other fires to prevent any loss of life.

For example, if a fire is starting, it would be prudent to deactivate an alarm system as soon as possible.

But when the fire was starting, the system had been on for a while, and there were no other fire fires to deplete.

So when the alarms went off, there were fires burning in the nearby bushland.

So how do you know when the system has gone off?

When you deactivate your smoke alarm, you may hear the alarm sounding.

If the alarm sounds before you’ve activated the smoke detection device, then you have deactivated the system.

You can check for smoke alarms at the National Fire Service website, or call the National Emergency Response Centre on 1800 659 789.

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