How a 16-year-old’s friendship changed his life

NEW YORK — When 16-Year-Old Alonzo Harris was just an eighth-grader in the small New York City school district, he began to notice something unusual about other kids.

He noticed they were all wearing glasses.

And so, the small school district of East Elmhurst, New York, created the first glass-only class in the nation.

Students wore glasses and were encouraged to keep their eyes open.

The glasses were meant to make them easier to identify with friends.

But the kids soon began to wear them more, as the district saw more kids at school who were struggling with eye health.

They were struggling to find eye protection for themselves, or for their families, or just for themselves.

So they developed a special kind of glasses to help with this.

They were called glasses for health.

They were for glasses.

And they worked.

The glasses were so successful that, in 2003, the school district started to introduce a new set of glasses for children with special needs, and Harris was among the first.

The school district has since made the new glasses available to more students.

But while Harris was enjoying the new set, he wasn’t sure if his friends were as happy wearing the glasses as he was.

The glasses didn’t work, Harris told me.

It wasn’t that they didn’t fit.

They didn’t feel right.

And that’s when he noticed something else.

Something else he hadn’t noticed.

I was wearing a lot of glasses, but I was wearing them in a way that wasn’t really helping me,” Harris told Megyn Kelly.

My glasses weren’t helping me.

And I was trying to figure out why.”

But that was just the beginning.

The next year, Harris started noticing that his friends weren’t wearing the new sets of glasses that he had bought for them.

“They would have the glasses, and I would have none of them.

I was like, ‘Why?’

I mean, they didn, like, have any of it, I mean I just didn’t care.

Megyn Kelly: So you began wearing them to show them that you were not going to give up the new way of life that you had been living.

Alonza Harris: No, not really.

Megyn Kelley: So did you start to feel more confident about yourself?

Alonzo said that was the first time he felt that way about himself.

I did feel like I was a different person than I had been, he told me, and he said that the glasses helped him to feel a little more like himself.

He also noticed that his school friends started noticing he was wearing the same glasses as they were.

We just wore them in different ways.

And he realized that the school had the glasses to be successful, and so they were also trying to make the new glass-based glasses so that everyone could wear them. 

And he started doing that.

I am just like, this is really hard, he said.

I am wearing a whole lot of different glasses.

Meghan, my daughter, said that she is wearing a few different sets of them and she is getting the most use out of them because she is seeing how much they help her, and she can wear them without feeling like she is being judged.

Alonza says that the new-fashioned glasses make him feel like he is not alone.

[The new glasses] really helped me to not be so ashamed, because I feel like people know me and they have a different opinion than I do about my eyes.

Megan, my friend, said she is now wearing a pair of glasses and she was not sure she wanted to wear a different set because it was not as comfortable.

But she was also wearing the old glasses because she did not want her friend to feel that they were not comfortable.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but you can wear glasses.

It just depends on what the need is.

Meghna, my mother, said her daughter is wearing her new glasses.

She said it helps her to be more comfortable and she feels more comfortable with her friends.

I was really happy to do it, she said.

But it did take some time to get used to it.

I think that it took some time for my mother to realize that the old set was not really helping her.

Meghna said she was surprised that the glass set did not help her.

I think it’s not as big a deal as it may seem, she told me during the call.

You know, I think I wear it every day, I wear the glasses every day.

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