Blizzard’s Fortnite: The Game Review

The video game’s latest entry into the genre is a blast.

If you haven’t yet played Fortnites, you’re in luck, because the game is out tomorrow.

It’s also a huge, sprawling and ambitious undertaking, but it’s also pretty fun.

The game opens up with a brief introduction, which gives players an idea of what to expect.

“Fortnites” is essentially a massive multiplayer mode where you’ll play as a bunch of players against one another.

It doesn’t take long for things to get a little bit silly.

Players are introduced to a handful of characters who can be customized.

For example, you can customize your character to have a giant sword, or a giant gun.

You can also choose to have your character fight with your buddy in a gunfight.

It all sounds great, but some people might not have been satisfied with that.

They might not like the “gunslinger” style of play.

The developer did have a lot of success with this style of gameplay, so I suppose it was a success.

However, Fortnitions gunplay feels very similar to other gunslingers out there.

There are no super accurate shots, and you’ll often end up shooting your buddy, but you can also fire the thing from a distance.

It looks awesome.

The Fortnits team has made a number of tweaks to the game to improve the overall feel of the game.

There is an ability to customize your gear, so you can make your characters more powerful.

They also added some customization options for each character.

You’ll also be able to build your own fort and decorate it with weapons and other decorations.

The game will also have a leaderboard, so players can compete against each other.

Fortnition fans will be happy to know that they will be able compete against other players to earn points and rewards.

The first season of the Fortniture mode is currently available for download.

It’s pretty cool to see this kind of customization come to life in an FPS game.

The gameplay is simple and fun, but there’s also some strategy involved.

You might want to take some time to figure out which characters your buddy might like to play with, so they’re not too focused on the gunplay.

If your buddy is more of a shooter type of person, you might want him to stick with a more traditional style.

You could also make the Fortner or the Fortnik, who you can play as either an offensive or defensive character.

That might be a bit more fun to play as.

Fortnite is out today, and it should be out in the coming days.

You will need a current version of Windows 10 to play the game, but the developers have said they plan to have it up by the end of the week.

For now, check out my review of the new Fortnit game below.

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