How to make your wallpaper look like the one in ‘Star Wars’

The Wallpaper API was created by Facebook to allow developers to create wallpapers based on the photos and videos they collect on their platform.

The API is available for developers to use to create their own wallpapers.

While the app was initially created for desktop users, it is now available on mobile devices as well.

It was also recently announced that Apple will be using the API to create its own wallpaper.

This means that Apple’s wallpaper app is going to be able to create and share wallpapers of all the devices it is currently running on.

AppleInsider first reported the news.

The app will also allow you to control the size of the wallpapers created.

Apple has been building a collection of wallpapers for the iPhone and iPad, and they will be able use the API in the same way that the Wallpapers API works for the iOS platform.

You can read our full coverage of Apple’s Wallpapers app here.

The Wallpapers SDK also includes some API’s that developers can use to make their own wallpaper.

These APIs allow developers the ability to access and modify the functionality of the App Store Wallpaper APIs.

In addition to the wallpaper API, developers will be provided with an SDK for creating wallpapers that use the Photos API, the Photos app and the Camera app.

The wallpapers API allows developers to share the content of their photos with the world, so the API is a key part of the new iOS app.

Apple is also adding a new feature called ‘Themes’ to the Wallpaper app.

You’ll be able see a list of the most popular wallpapers available to you in the app.

These wallpapers are created by Apple and can be easily customized.

Developers can use the iOS Wallpapers APIs to add custom backgrounds, logos, fonts, text, etc. These can also be customised to match a specific theme.

The API also provides developers with an API for sharing photos with other developers, which is a way to easily share photos with friends, colleagues and other users who might have access to the same device.

In the case of sharing photos to Facebook, you can also share photos directly from the wall of the device you are sharing to.

In order to make the WallPaper app look the way it does, Apple is also working on making it easier for developers and other developers to interact with the app on their device.

Developers will be required to add a button in the App Settings to enable the ‘Pin this app to your home screen’ feature, which will allow them to interact directly with the WallApp on their iOS device.

The app will be released as a free download in the next few weeks.

It will be available for iPhone and iPod touch devices, and the Wall App will be made available on the App store in the coming weeks.

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