Beach walls to become a reality

A wave of sandbags is being put up at beaches across Australia, including some popular with tourists.

The sandbags are a way of reducing the amount of sand and debris on the beaches.

“We’re working with the Victorian Government to get sandbags up and running on the iconic beaches of Ballymore, Bourke, Blacktown, Blackpool and the Northern Rivers, and will be doing the same on the popular beaches of Penrith and Rockhampton,” Tourism Victoria CEO Matthew Leake said.

The new sandbags will be placed in the waters surrounding beaches, and the state Government has said it will spend $400,000 to install the sandbags on a trial basis.

Sandbags will come in two varieties.

One is a regular white plastic bag, which will be used to store sand when it’s not being swept into the surf, and is meant to be washed off the beach at the end of each day.

The other, called a polystyrene bag, will be a clear plastic bag that can be used by people to remove the sand, and it will be rolled into sand bags to be used on the beach.

The bag will be dropped into the ocean at the beginning of each beach day.

While the bag will not be as effective as sandbags, Mr Leake says they will be “much better” than what people are used to.

“I think the polystyrames are probably the most effective bags on the market at the moment,” he said.

“They can be recycled, and they will hold the sand longer.”

Mr Leale says the bags will be tested in the first quarter of 2019, with the bags to become available on the Victoria Coastal Services website in early 2020.

The Victorian Government is also working on the new sandbag program for the Northern rivers, with plans to roll them out to the most popular beaches in the region.

The State Government has been working on a new system of sandbag-based barriers on the Northern river for more than three years, but Mr Lease says they are now looking at putting them up in all of the rivers and streams, and for the national river system.


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