How to make your Android phone wallpaper look better without a smartphone

source Reuters article Android Wallpapers are a great way to make the home more inviting and less cluttered.

This tutorial will show you how to add some colour to your Android wallpapers using a few basic wallpapers and a few handy tricks.1.

Download the best wallpaper you can find2.

Download a selection of wallpapers to use3.

Download your favourite wallpaper4.

Install your favourite wallpapers5.

Select your favourite Google wallpapers6.

Apply the Google wallpaper and your wallpaper should now look like the image above.

You can also add customised backgrounds by dragging the gradient of your favourite Android wallpaper onto your desktop.

If you want to use Google’s new Android app, you can use Google Earth or Google Maps to draw the background of your wallpapers.

You may also want to consider adding a few other elements to your wallpaper to help it stand out from the rest.

For example, you might want to add a few text messages or other text to the bottom of your wallpaper.1) Download a Wallpaper for your Android device.2) Download Google Earth and Google Maps3) Use the following two links to download your favourite photo and a video3) Add your own text or video on top of the backgroundImage from created by  @mike_foster1.

Choose your favourite image from the following list. taken by  Mike Foster,  on  October 26, 2016, at  10:01pm PDT. 

2) Select the image you want. 

3) Click on the Download link. 

4) The download process will start. 

5) Wait for the file to download. 

6) You will receive an email with the file name of your downloaded image. 

7) The file will now be installed on your phone. 

8) To view your wallpaper, you will need to open up your phone and go to  Settings > Accessibility > Phone Actions > Settings. 

9) Select ‘Backgrounds’ in the ‘Image Gallery’ and then tap on the ‘Add Wallpaper’ button. 

10) Your Android device should now display a wallpaper with your image in the top left corner.1.) 

Download your wallpaper from Google Earth, Wallpaper created by  @kristopher-wilson. 


Select your image and tap on ‘Wallpaper’. 


The wallpaper will now appear on your device. 


Once your image is displayed on your wallpaper display, simply tap on it to remove it from the display. 


Select the ‘Wallpapers’ section from the ‘Photo Gallery’ menu and click on the Add Wallpaper button.


The wallpaper should show up on your Android screen. 


Tap on the image in your gallery to remove the wallpaper. 


You will now have a wallpaper that you can display on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.2.) 

  Download your own image from Flickr,  https:/ / 


Select your wallpaper image and then Tap ‘Download Wallpaper’.4.) 

You will now receive a notification saying that you have downloaded the image to your phone or desktop. 

You can now download your own wallpaper image on your mobile device or desktop and display it on your screen.3.) 

 Download Google Earth from  http:/ /


  Select the ‘Earth’ option from the navigation menu. 

You can now browse for the image, click on it and you will be directed to a Google Earth search page. 

Now, if you’re using a desktop computer, you can also choose to display your Google Earth image on the desktop as well. 


Now, to use your GoogleEarth image on a desktop browser, click the ‘Open Image in Web Browser’ option on the Google Earth page.


  You can then navigate to your Google earth image on any website, select it and then save it to your computer.7.) 

If you’re a smartphone user, select ‘Save Image to SD Card’ from the menu and then choose ‘Download Image to PC’.8.) 

Your GoogleEarth wallpaper should be ready for viewing.

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