Japan to install blue and red on the team logo and jersey

By Tom TomsenUpdated October 11, 2018 06:08:54Japan is set to start the 2019 Rugby World Cup in the same colours as its rivals, but will ditch its blue and green stripes altogether for the new uniforms.

The country’s top sportswear and clothing brand J-Town unveiled the jerseys and team uniforms on Tuesday ahead of the 2019 World Cup and unveiled a special blue and white logo on Tuesday, which it said would help “redefine the Japan Rugby World Series”.

The company said it would be introducing a new blue and yellow color scheme for the 2019 Japan Rugby Series, which will start in December 2019, as well as a new red- and green-themed jersey.

The logo design, which was chosen after a consultation with fans, will feature a “redefined” logo and the word “JAPAN” on the front, along with the word JAPAN (Japan) on the back.

It also features the slogan “Japan is back”.

“We are looking forward to a new and exciting era in Japan Rugby League, and we are confident that our new uniforms will make a huge difference to the game in 2019,” said J-town’s Chief Executive Officer Takashi Shimizu.

“We also look forward to creating a unique and unique jersey for our players, who have shown their dedication to this sport.”

The jersey design will be worn on the left shoulder of the team’s jersey.

It will also feature the “Japan Rugby League logo”, the words “Japan” and “Rugby League” in red, as a reference to the country’s national flag.

A new jersey will also be worn by the Japan men’s and women’s rugby teams.

The new uniforms are designed for use on the Japanese Rugby League team’s home kit, the Tokyo Nippon Professional Rugby League (NTRL) home kit.

“The jersey is going to be very similar to the one worn by Japan’s professional rugby league team.

The blue and the red are going to match perfectly with each other,” Shimizu said.

The colours will also appear on the crest, which is designed to reflect the colors of Japan.

The official team colors for the Tokyo-based Nippo-Ruger league will be red, yellow and blue.

The Tokyo Nittō-Roger league has a record of 10 straight games unbeaten and has won seven of those.

Japan’s team colours have never been red and blue, with blue representing Japan’s national team.

“This jersey design is designed for the fans to show their appreciation for the team that has played in the Rugby World League in the past.

We hope the fans will accept this design,” Shimoshi added.

The Nippō-Nippo Rugby League is set up to form the Japan rugby league’s official national team in 2020.

“It is an honour to be chosen to be the official jersey for the Japan-Nittō Rugby League and our players will definitely show their loyalty to the team and to the Japanese flag,” said Tatsuro Utsu, the Nittô-Nettō team manager.

The team has been playing in a home jersey for two seasons and has not lost a game in the series.

“I’m excited to have been selected to represent Japan in the 2019-20 Tokyo Nisshin Pro Rugby League,” said Utsunomiya.

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